EcoDomus FM (Facilities Management) is a common data environment that provides for real-time integration of the Asset Information Model (derived from BIM) with with Building Management Systems (like Siemens, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, or others), with Facility, Maintenance and Workplace management software (like Maximo, Unifier, TRIRIGA, ARCHIBUS, Planon, AssetWorks, FAMIS, webTMA, Corrigo, or others), and Geographical Information Systems (like ESRI ArcGIS and Google Earth). EcoDomus FM can serve as secure repository, helping owners and occupiers to keep data always up to date across all applications and databases. Please review some of the features listed below.


Portfolio Assets View

EcoDomus FM allows you to filter information by locations or disciplines, and build custom reports. Use GIS-like navigation to see your buildings or other assets

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UC 1 Step 4 - 2

Online 3D Navigation

See your assets in 3D to track mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems and identify areas of concern, i.e. plumbing leaks. Review assets’ properties and open linked

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UC 2 Step 4 - 2


Review product documentation, such as submittals, datasheets, warranty, specifications, etc. Documents are attached to assets, systems, locations, facilities, as specified by COBie rules.

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Laser Scanning Interface

Review your spatial information both in BIM and Point Clouds received from Laser Scanning. Browser-based interface allows you to navigate remotely and see your facilities

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UC 8 Step 1 - 2


EcoDomus integrates Building Automation Systems (BAS) with BIM to enable sensors’ data tracking within 3D. Quickly track HVAC systems’ performance by reviewing individual elements’ data

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Advanced Reports

Track your surface finish schedules, i.e. wall paint or ceiling tiles, and automatically calculate the total surface area to find out how much paint you need.

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