Digitizing the World’s Capital Assets

EcoDomus is the #1 provider of software and services for Lifecycle Building Information Models (BIM): from design & construction to operation & maintenance.
  1. EcoDomus has delivered more As-Built BIM for FM and COBie projects than all other software companies in the world combined – Unique Experience
  2. EcoDomus is working with the top clients in the world and is implementing best practices from the leading facility owners – Best Practices
  3. EcoDomus PM/FM software has more BIM/FM/COBie features than any other BIM for FM software – Higher Quality of Data at Lower Cost

BIM and City Planning event in Kazakhstan

EcoDomus participated in the event entitled “City Planning and Implementation of BIM in the Republic of Kazakhstan” in Kazakhstan’s capital city of Astana,
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EcoDomus for Oil & Gas Industry

EcoDomus solutions have been successfully implemented in the building industry for more than 7 years. Over the last two years the world-leading Lifecycle
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Singapore Conference “Preparing Your BIM for FM”

Spurred by industry interests and mandate by the Singapore government, EcoDomus, in collaboration with DiHUB (the BIM division of CPG Corp), facilitated
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COBie for Infrastructure

There have been a few heated discussions within the industry about application of COBie for infrastructure projects. COBie, which stands for Construction
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